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Fall is Furnace repair time
Don’t settle for less than the best in commercial and residential furnace installations, service, and repairs. We guarantee our work from high quality professional technicians at Above All Heating and Air Conditioning. We will keep your Furnace and Air Conditioner running properly day and night.
Emergency service is available24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make sure technical difficulties never interfere with your business or comfort. We provide same-day quality service for non-emergencies, and are happy to work with apartment building owners and property managers to keep your tenants cool and comfortable.

Not all heating and air conditioning contractors are equal in their quality and service, and that’s the reason why it’s best to choose one that’s highly has highly skilled and experienced technicians in the field and also understands hard work ethics and a commitment to making the community a better place to live. At Above All Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re your environmentally aware Furnace and Air Conditioning solution. We recycle ozone-depleting refrigerants, and disposing of old and outdated HVAC equipment in a licensed recycling center.

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  • Öko 1 Refrigerant
    Hi All, long time no talk. I am looking at an Oschner high temperature heat pump for a client. The data is saying that they use R134a for 1st stage and Öko 1 refrigerant for 2nd stage. Anybody ever heard of Öko 1? Is it a trade name for something else? Thanks.... Read more »
  • HFO Refrigerants
    . HFO refrigerants are unsaturated HFC refrigerants and recognised as the next generation of refrigerants because of their environmental friendliness. I’m not a chemist and I don’t fully understand how the process works but if HFO’s are unsaturated HFC’s, what are HFC’s saturated with? Rob .... Read more »
  • delta t issue chilled water system
    need expert advise as i am facing issues with delta T attained in one of the site to which FM services are given District cooling supplies chilled water with 6 degree differential(supply 4.5 and return:11 degree Celsius) In my load side we are able to get approx 4 degree delta T only Supply been on a average of 7.5 and return 11 degree When referred O&M manual design which was noticed was to attain 23-24 degree celcuis supply air through AHU and FCU Client instructs to attain 20 to 21 degree celcuis on supply air could this possibly results in getting low delta T or is it due to some other factors... Read more »
  • ice cream machine
    hi is it possible to recoil this ice cream machine drum with copper tubing as the evaporator and what is the best size copper I am trying to rebuild this for a friend the top layer of the drum what is rusted out beyond repair so all the refrigerant leaks out I remove the top layer of the durm and now i want to recoil with copper tubing as the evaporator this is the drum it is 36''x14'' IMG_20170119_114803.jpg condenser IMG_20170119_114644.jpg Attached Images IMG_20170119_114803.jpg (96.0 KB) IMG_20170119_114644.jpg (97.1 KB) ... Read more »
  • Refrigerant prices
    I am aware that legislation has an effect but why are prices in the UK just jumping is it me that's not in touch,or are wholesalers just making a fast profit? The price between wholesalers seems like a Dutch auction,although I am within the eec how can I source refrigerant that is fully compliant to a the rules cheaper from within the eec substantially cheaper than the UK,it's not slightly cheaper it's in some cases 50% cheaper is it time to set up as solely a refrigerant supplier certainly the profit margin is making me think it's better than what I am doing now for sure!... Read more »