7 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

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Some people think by not running your air conditioning system they are saving money but that is just not the case. Most system failures happen when the system has not been in use. What do i mean? well, its like a car, when it is not started up for a long period of time, all kinds of failures can take place, your battery can go dead, oil & fuel pumps can fail, fuel can go bad, etc., just from not being used.
Its the same thing with your Air Conditioning System. There is oil in refrigerant that helps lubricate the moving parts inside the compressor of your condenser. If you do not turn it on, it sits unused all fall and winter even till spring, until you turn it on for the first time in summer. You get the picture? So we are going to share some tips that can really help you to cut repair cost and also save you big on your energy costs & hopefully you will apply some of these tips to save you some formidable headaches in the future.

Number 1 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

You need to change your air filter in your system every three months. The cleaner the intake air filter, the better the air flow through your system, thus more efficient operation.

Number 2 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

For those of us who are pet owners, we will need to change filter more regularly, once a month! Animal hair such as cat or dog hair is much more likely to get through the filter and into your coil which can cause hair balls which will block coil surface and restricting air flow… NOT GOOD AND COSTLY!

Number 3 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

Regular Maintenance every year is really needed. It is not a way for us service guys to get into your wallet. We have all heard the quote “You can pay me now or you can pay me more, latter” Its true Yearly Maintenance cuts service repair bills by 50% and will also add years of life and run time to your forced air system.

Number 4 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

Running your system on an auto set point on your thermostat, at a temperature you are comfortable with. Power companies want to sound good by telling you to shut off all major appliances during the day. But your not going to unplug your refrigerator and you are not home to do laundry so what are they talking about is your air conditioner, so while you are at mall or at work you are enjoying comfort at those places but when you get home; your home is now 90-95 degrees. The first thing you do when you get home is turn your air conditioning back on and
run it for the next 6-7 hours to cool your house down. If you are leaving the house for the day, just run it on an auto set point and raise the set point up to say 80 degrees, then your air conditioner will only run half the time it would take to cool it back down to say 74-72 degrees. Power Companies use this tactic to sell power all day long and all night its all a marketing pitch don’t fall for it.

Number 5 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

Keep your blinds closed on major windows through out your house will help to keep your main rooms cooler by 10-12 degrees. Your system will thank you as it will help with the heat load through out the whole house, this also pertains to older systems as well.

Number 6 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

Keep the outdoor condenser coil clean. The cleaner you keep the outdoor condenser coil, the more efficient your system will be. Every other year the outside condenser needs
to be tuned up, this will help with greater performance and efficiency.

Number 7 Way to Save on Air Conditioning

This is the golden rule to always remember… Your air conditioning system will only run as good as you treat it. if you are negligent in giving it what it needs to perform well, MAINTENANCE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU MAJOR HEADACHES AND MAJOR COSTS. It’s better to be kind to your Air conditioning system by following the few needed tips I have spelled out.

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