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Furnace Safety and Maintenance

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Bryant Gas Furnace Safety and Maintenance TipsIt is wise to have a professional furnace repair specialist perform regular maintenance on your home furnace. Once a year, whether you have used it or not. You want to ensure that it functions safely and efficiently throughout the colder months. Find the type of furnace you have from the following types of furnaces to see the specific safety tips:

Floor Furnace

  • Keep your floor furnace clean to avoid lint build-up. Call one of our furnace service technicians to regularly vacuum and maintain the floor furnace and the area around it.
  • Teach your children to keep clear from the grill, as it gets very hot and to avoid throwing objects into the floor furnace.
  • Avoid dangerous furnace fires – don’t place rugs, plants, Christmas Trees, furniture or any combustible items on top of or near the grill, and never block the airflow.
    Wall Furnace
  • On an annual basis, clean inside the furnace burner compartment, and vented wall furnaces at least once a month during the usage period, this prevents lint build-up and potential fires or damage to your wall furnace.

Central Furnace and Central Forced-air Heating

  • Most natural gas furnaces / forced-air units use air from the room to heat and recycle. Dirt, lint, and dust in the air can restrict airflow. To operate safely and efficiently, your furnace must be free of dirt, dust and lint build-up. As part of our service, we clean and change filters to prevent this problem.
  • Most furnaces have a filter system that cleans the air before being heated and circulated within your home. Our service will inspect, clean or replace your dirty filters monthly, or as often as you like.
  • Never use your furnace without the front panel in place because you may put your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • After installing a brand new or cleaned filter, make sure the front panel of the furnace fits properly so it operates properly.
  • Most newer forced-air furnaces have a furnace safety switch that prevents the furnace from operating when the filter compartment panel door is not in place properly.
  • Some older forced-air furnaces do not have a safety switch, and can be operated with the filter compartment door panel off or not properly in place You should consider fixing this problem by one of our licensed technicians. These older furnaces, when installed in a closet and may operate with the door panel, not in place, and may circulate dangerous carbon monoxide levels throughout the home. It’s always wise to have a carbon monoxide alert system in your home

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