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Make the Most of Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Menifee, CA

Getting the most value out of your investment is one of the top benefits of professional air conditioning installation in Menifee, CA. Working with experienced pros from Above All Heating and Air Conditioning allows you to make well-informed decisions. Expect to be rewarded with a properly sized and correctly installed cooling system.

Different Types of AC Units

Whether you're ready to consider an air conditioning replacement or an entirely new cooling system, there are several options to consider. The most common choice is a split system. This is where there's an outside unit with a condenser and compressor and an inside part with the evaporator coils and air handler. Additional options include:

  • Window units

  • Portable AC units

  • Floor-mounted air conditioners

  • Dual or hybrid cooling systems

Common Causes of AC Failure

One way to prevent premature failure is to call us about air conditioning repair at the first sign of a problem. It also helps to know what often causes a cooling system to fail.

In addition to a general lack of air conditioning maintenance, AC failure may be related to:

  • Refrigerant leaks

  • Faulty or worn electrical connections

  • Dirty or blocked ductwork

  • Compressor motor failure

  • Thermostat issues

  • Frozen evaporator coils

Potential Problems Associated with Improper Installation

Reach out to an HVAC contractor from our team when dealing with:

  • A unit that works harder than it has to cool your indoor areas

  • Indoor humidity issues

  • More frequent breakdowns and repair needs

  • Inconsistent or uneven cooling

  • Higher operation costs when you're using your air conditioner

  • Possible safety risks

Rely on Our Team for Correct AC Installation

Fully licensed and backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, we're the Google and Yelp 5-star rated company to trust when you prefer top-quality air conditioning services along with:

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