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Get the Most Out of Heating Installation in Temecula, CA

DIY is not the way to go with heating installation in Temecula, CA. Even more basic heating systems are more complex than what's often realized. Proper and reliable installation is what we do best here at Above All Heating and Air Conditioning.

Professional installation courtesy of an HVAC contractor is also important because it gives you a chance to fully explore your options. Our technicians provide guidance with important factors such as correct system size. It’s also going to be more efficient and safe to use.

Types of Heating Systems

From furnaces to heat pumps, there are many options to consider. A commonly preferred heating system for many in California is a furnace. Today's furnaces are designed to be more efficient than what was possible even a decade or so ago.

Gas and electric furnaces also perfectly complement central air conditioning systems since the same ductwork is used. This makes it easier to deal with furnace installation, repair, and maintenance.

Common Culprits of Heating Issues

Our HVAC company often repairs:

  • 1 Dirty or clogged filters
  • 2 Heat exchanger damage
  • 3 Limit switch malfunctions
  • 4 Pilot control or electric ignition problems
  • 5 Airflow problems caused by mechanical issues or duct leaks
  • 6 Lack of regular maintenance

Maintenance Checklist

Keeping heating repair needs from turning into surprise emergency situations is one of the top benefits of regular maintenance f. With our convenient and affordable maintenance plan, we perform routine checks of your system to determine if anything requires attention.

Part of our heating services is checking all key parts and components, which typically involves:

  • The filter

  • The thermostat is working as expected

  • All moving parts

  • System controls

  • Every gas/electric connection

Count On Our HVAC Pros

5-star Google and Yelp reviewed, we have more than 30 years of experience providing heating maintenance and other services in Temecula, CA. Working with our team also means:

Highly Recommended HVAC Services

Reasonable prices

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