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Fall is Furnace repair time
Don’t settle for less than the best in commercial and residential furnace installations, service, and repairs. We guarantee our work from high quality professional technicians at Above All Heating and Air Conditioning. We will keep your Furnace and Air Conditioner running properly day and night.
Emergency service is available24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make sure technical difficulties never interfere with your business or comfort. We provide same-day quality service for non-emergencies, and are happy to work with apartment building owners and property managers to keep your tenants cool and comfortable.

Not all heating and air conditioning contractors are equal in their quality and service, and that’s the reason why it’s best to choose one that’s highly has highly skilled and experienced technicians in the field and also understands hard work ethics and a commitment to making the community a better place to live. At Above All Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re your environmentally aware Furnace and Air Conditioning solution. We recycle ozone-depleting refrigerants, and disposing of old and outdated HVAC equipment in a licensed recycling center.

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  • Questions about R1234YF
    Hi guys, I have a few questions about R1234YF since information seems to be limited and hard to find. If anyone can answer any of these questions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! 1. Does R1234YF perform worse than R134A? I presume it does for 3 reasons. First of all, companies claim “similar performance” rather than “better performance” compared to R134A. Second, a neighbor’s new car uses R1234YF, and the AC takes a while to get cold, and it never works well unless it’s a relatively cool day. And third, it seems that every time they come out with a new refrigerant, it’s worse than the one it’s replacing. 2. Is R1234YF good for the system’s longevity compared to R134A? I presume it’s not since, from my understanding, it is less soluble in PAG oil compared to R134A and therefore requires special oil. Also, I have heard that it is incompatible with a lot of rubber components. If that’s true, it’s obviously not good for the system’s longevity. 3. Can R234YF be vented? I would think it could since it’s GWP is only 25% higher than R600A and R290, which can be vented. However, I have never heard that it can be vented, so it probably can’t. 4. Is the price of R1234YF likely to ever come down? I know no one knows for sure, but is this stuff likely to get cheaper over time? It is nearly $100 a pound, which is crazy. I know it couldn’t cost them anywhere near... Read more »
  • Do refrigerants degrade?
    So this is something I’ve wondered about for years. Presuming there is no contamination, leaks, or other problems, would any refrigerants degrade in any way after many years of use? I would think so since just about all fluids in closed systems seem to degrade in some way, but then again, I’ve never heard of doing a “refrigerant change”. And if the refrigerant doesn’t degrade, I presume the compressor lubricant would degrade, right? Thanks.... Read more »
  • R-421A Dew Point #2
    I started a dew point thread a year or so ago, which is now closed... R-421A Dew Point I never was quite satisfied with my minimal degree of understanding, relative to the composition of the dew "drop" of liquid...and kept on looking. Finally stumbled onto a discussion of "ideal mixtures of liquids." And although it covers much of the same discussions we've seen relative to zeotropic blends, it additionally mentioned "intermolecular forces", which covers the "why" behind the dew drop containing some of both the components in R-421A. I always suspected some mysterious forces at work, but the refrigerant related discussions never got around to saying it...that I saw. If your inclinations include scholarly links, here it is... Ideal Liquid Mixtures... Read more »
  • Prices and availability
    Crossing old ground but refrigerant prices are a main issue here in the eurozone yes we or most of us have the certs and most of our clients are aware of the prices how much we mark up is our own business but availability is not reliant on using the regular wholesalers l am aware of dodgy imports but l feel wholesalers need to recognise that by charging high prices they are shooting themselves in the foot ok l will use my trusted wholesaler but on refrigerant l will source from others the mark up wholesalers charge is outrageous sometimes ok most spares prices are round about the same but l truly feel refrigerant price mark up by many wholesalers has got out of hand the ones mainly independents that do not comply to regs l don't use and trust me l report them alas nothing has yet been done l can source refrigerant 40 to 50% cheaper than my trusted suppliers so it's obvious profiteering is happening do any others share my sentiments? Sorry for the length of the post!!!... Read more »
  • R438a and R422D
    Current replacements for R22 in Queensland is R438a and R422d. Has anyone had issues with these Blends? My bad as i haven't logged in to R.E. for several months :o... Read more »
  • Refrigerant leaks and detection dye
    I had a refrigerant leak on a medium sized walk in cold store which was on 404a the room was full of ice cream etc so not much time to recover and nitro test went all round with the electronic 100% certain the leak was not from service access points,picked up something on the evaporator,so added dye to the system now there is no further leakage question is can the dye plug a slight leak?... Read more »