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Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for a Hot Summer

By Above All Heating And Air Conditioning | Feb 24, 2016

Get your air conditioner ready now Without a doubt, our weather is changing. We’re seeing more fluctuations, with unusual heat waves coming and going in the middle of winter. And instead of fairly consistent temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to low 60s from December until April, now we’re getting hit by days and even weeks…

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Old Furnace Ready to Be Replaced

Got an Older Home? Your Furnace is Probably Ready to be Replaced.

By Above All Heating And Air Conditioning | Jan 13, 2016

If your home is more than 20 years old, chances are that your furnace is getting close to the end of its life although some units have been known to reach 40 years of service. Conversely, some brands are notorious for failing early on a regular basis. Still, 20 years is a good run and…

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Bryant Gas Furnace Safety and Maintenance Tips

Get Your Furnace Checked Now

By Above All Heating And Air Conditioning | Dec 11, 2015

The Time to get Your Furnace Checked is Now… BEFORE You Need It! Southern California enjoyed a relatively mild fall, and winter may bring more of the same…or not. Either way, the time to find out that your furnace has stopped working properly is not when you need it. The time to get it checked…

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